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Pepper & Carrot: Episode 1
Pepper & Carrot illustration
(art by David Revoy)

Episode 1 is here!

Today we’re releasing narrative to go with Episode 1 of Pepper & Carrot, complete with audio. Although we started off with episode 5, going forward, we’ll go through them in numerical order, aiming to release one per week.

If you’re not familiar with this comic, Pepper & Carrot is an open source web comic produced by David Revoy and collaborators. We have added narrative in Chinese to accompany the original artwork. This enables you to practice your Chinese with the help of the rich visual context of the world of Pepper and Carrot. You can read more in our earlier blog post, Pepper & Carrot: Visual Context for Chinese Practice.

The first episode and the most recent episode are free to everyone. Also, each week a different random episode is free in addition to those two. And as always, our back catalogue is available to our much appreciated WordSwing backers.

Go read!

We have also published word lists to go along with episode 1 and episode 5.