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Help direct our development

One of the fun challenges at WordSwing is that we have a mile-long development to-do list. But rather than let our (perhaps misguided whim) dictate what gets done when, we want to involve our students in the process.

Now you can help direct our development priorities by voting on cards on the WordSwing Development Board. You can also participate in a discussion surrounding each card in the comments.

And if you have ideas for cards you’d like to see added, please email us.

You’ll find several lists of cards, each with a different purpose. There’s a list for bite-size ideas, one for massive projects, and then there are several lists that allow you to follow your favorite feature through the development process from active development, to testing, to release.

You can also subscribe to cards, lists, or the whole board, which will send you email updates about changes. This will let you get notified when a new feature lands so you can go check it out. A good place to start is the card explaining how the board works.

We hope this will enable us to better serve your learning goals by developing the parts you most need earliest.

Hope to see you on the WS Dev Board!