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  • How does the frequency-ordered SRS character-learning gadget really work?

    What is it for? [Read more]

  • Learning Chinese characters the most common first

    With thousands of Chinese characters to master, it can be daunting to get going and plough through them. [Read more]

  • Introduing slower audio

    Ever feel like your brain can't quite keep up with all the mental processing that must occur to understand native-speed Chinese speech? That's perfectly normal. Your brain is actually doing a tremendous amount of work. It must segment the incoming aural data stream into words and phrases, recognize words and retrieve the meanings from memory, and identify the syntatic, semantic and contextual relationships that comprise the big-picture meaning. [Read more]

  • Ever wonder how many characters you know?

    If you have been learning Chinese you no doubt have wondered, “how many characters do I know?” Perhaps you would like to see if you’ve made a dent in the roughly 4000 characters it usually takes to be considered literate. Or perhaps you want to see some measure of all that effort you’ve put into studying. Or maybe you want to impress your mom. Regardless of your reason, you would rather not run through the roughly 10,000 characters in modern use to count how many you know. [Read more]

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