WordSwing Chinese app screen shots

We've just released new versions of our iOS and Android apps, bringing them up to par with our web app.

I'll briefly go through some additions you might like to check out.

1. Quiz Tournaments

Our quiz tournaments feature general knowledge reading comprehension questions in a friendly competition format. You play against other WordSwing students. Each tournament is a succession of back-and-forth rounds of answering a few questions. When your opponent completes a round, you are notified by email that the next round is available.

Participating in quiz tournaments gives you the little prod you may need to dip back into Chinese practice on a regular basis. And although not new, Quiz Tournaments are now available on iOS and Android for the first time.

2. Habit tracking

Building daily practice into your routine is an important part of making progress in a language. On WordSwing, you can track your study habits both as they relate to WordSwing and your Chinese learning more generally.

Habit tracking is presented a bit like a game. You have health points and knowledge points. When you complete a habit you get knowledge points, and if you fail to complete it before it expires, you loose health points. When you reach the full knowledge points for that level, you advance to the next level. Keeping ahead of your goals and striving to get to each successive level can be quite addicting!

Habits can be recurring or one-time. They can track particular WordSwing activities (e.g., Written Word SRS for 10 minutes), or declared by you to be anything you like (e.g., Listen to a Podcast, or Read the news).

You can also opt-in to a daily email digest letting you know how many habits you have expiring soon and how many you've completed recently. And if you need a break from regular study, you can pause habit tracking, and resume whenever you're ready.

3. Girl Saves Universe

Our latest text adventure game, Girl Saves Universe is now available on iOS and Android.

In this game, your fate becomes linked to your mysterious uncle's cat, enabling you to travel to a distant place in the universe, where you must attempt to restore the connections that bind the universe together. This story is a continuation of Wandering Cat, but you needn't play that game first to enjoy this one.

4. Pleco Integration

On iOS you can now directly open a word in Pleco (assuming you have it installed). Just look for the Pleco icon at the right end of the definition in WordSwing.

5. Word Lists and SRS integration

Screenshot of configuring a custom Written Word SRS session

Our two spaced-repetition flash card gadgets: Pronunciation Recall and Written Word now feature better integration with your word lists. When making a custom review session you can select which word lists you'd like to include.

A new setting, "Limit reviews to the selected list(s)" allows you to only review words from the selected lists, in addition to only introducing new words from these lists. Alternatively, if you select "Include all the words that have been introduced" then new words will be limited to the selected lists, but all words in your review queue will still be available to review.

These seemingly minor updates give you substantial control of what you review.

And much more

In addition to the above enhancements, our latest apps also support Universal Links (iOS) and App Links (Android) so now when you click on a link to WordSwing, say, from your email, it will open directly in the app.

And there are many other small fixes and improvements. So make sure you update to the latest version on your respective platform.