Girl Saves Universe, is our seventh interactive graded-reader-style text adventure game for practicing Mandarin Chinese. The Chinese title is 小女孩连结世界记 (xiǎo nǚhái liánjié shìjiè jì), which roughly translates as "Diary of girl who links the world".

Here's a short blurb introducing the game:

Your fate becomes linked to your mysterious uncle's cat, enabling you travel to a distant place in the universe, where you must attempt to restore the connections that bind the universe together. This story is a continuation of Wandering Cat, but you needn't play that game first to enjoy this one.

Our Text Adventure Games work like an interactive graded reader, targeted at intermediate students of Mandarin Chinese. As you work you way through the story, you make choices that affect what the protagonist does and how the story progresses. We've carefully written the game to include hints that reward you for careful reading.

We've also limited the number of distinct Chinese characters that appear in this game (599 in Simplified and 602 in Traditional). There is hours of game play available and you'll encounter the vocabulary many times throughout the game, which combined will help quickly propel your Chinese.

For now, the game is only available on the website, and without audio, but we'll soon have our iOS and Android apps updated and the audio recorded.

As always, we love to hear from you. In particular, if you encounter any problems or have questions, please shoot us an email at

Enjoy the adventure.