We've finally switched out our old web app for our new one, which is based on the same interface as our iOS and Android apps. Like the apps, our new website supports studying either Simplified or Traditional characters.

We have also started porting a bunch of activities and other features from our old website (still available here) including:

1. Asking Directions

Practice comprehending and interpreting directions while navigating a city. This is one of our older activities, but still very popular, so we wanted to bring it over. The vocabulary domain is rather constrained, enabling you to master it.

2. Quiz Tournaments

These reading comprehension trivia competitions with your fellow students offer bit-sized, asynchronous fun.

3. Word Lists

Word lists allow you to collect and organize lists of words you'd like to practice in our two spaced repetition activities: Pronunciation Recall SRS and Written Word SRS.

4. Your old saved games

For those of you who played our text adventure games on our old website, you may have noticed you weren't able to continue from where you left off when using the new website or our mobile apps. We've now gone back and made all of your old saved games available from the past two years, assuming you made at least 11 choices in the game. We didn't bother making very short saved games available because we thought it would clutter your "Recent Practice" area, where these games are displayed.

More yet to come

There are still some activities and features that are only available on our old website, but are working hard to get the most important of these ported to the new app. We'll keep the old site up for a while, until we can migrate some of the remaining features, but we're planning to continue updating the old website. In addition to wanting the improved interface, another major motivation for updating our web app to work like the mobile apps is so we can make faster progress in development, which has been a challenge maintaining two very different apps.

Also, we'll be updating our iOS and Android apps soon to bring them up to parity with the web app.

We also have a new Text Adventure Game out, Girl Saves Universe (audio recordings coming soon).

Thanks for your patience and support!