Olle and I wanted to express a big thank you to our early backers!

We deeply appreciate the confidence you've had in WordSwing, and your support, which has helped us build the apps, games, and activities that are WordSwing.

It’s been just over a year since we introduced our early backer subscription ($3/month). Since then we've released 5 more text adventure games, our iOS and Android apps, narrative and audio to go with 9 episodes of the Pepper and Carrot comic, and much more (see below).

But we can only continue to do this if we can grow WordSwing into a sustainable endeavor. From the beginning, our early backer discount was designed to reward them for their support while we ramped up our efforts. But it was always designed to be temporary. And we feel that next month is a good time to start asking new backers of WordSwing to pay the full price for the subscription ($8/month).

All current early backers can keep the less expensive subscription forever.

Or, if you subscribe before June 15th, you can also get (and keep) the early backer price ($3/month).

So, if you're not yet an early backer, we invite you to become one before we end the discount.

The past year in WordSwing

We've released 5 text adventure games:

Magistrate's Gallery (县长的画廊) – A man knocks on your door with an unusual problem. He needs the assistance of a skilled artist to help rescue his daughter, who seems to have been trapped inside a painting. You will need to unravel the epic tale surrounding his daughter's capture by traveling into the many paintings in the Magistrate's private gallery and coaxing the stories out of the spirits that inhabit the pieces of art.

Into the Haze (迷雾中) – An unknown catastrophe has ended civilization as we know it. You live in a small society of survivors on a hill outside the big city where the air is just barely breathable. In the city, it’s worse, but riches left from before the catastrophe still lure people into the deadly mist. Including your brother. And now he’s gone missing. With your gas mask and a few days of supplies, you enter the city. Will you find your brother? What else hides in the mist?

Wandering Cat (小女孩寻猫记) – Your mysterious uncle has asked you to watch after his cat for a few days. But after an unexpected encounter with a fortune teller, you realize there is a lot more at stake to this task than you thought.

Zoo (动物园) – It’s your first day at your new job as an assistant zookeeper. Can you manage to follow your boss’s instructions on how to feed the animals? Be careful not to let the chatty animals mislead you!

Burning Building (火灾) – You are at home in your apartment when you notice a strange smell. Is it a fire? Can you get out in time? This game is the first of our shorts, games designed to be easier and shorter than our full-length games.

We have released apps for iOS and Android with a redesigned interface that works better on mobile devices.

iPhone and Andorid phone pictures

We added support for Traditional Chinese to the two mobile apps.

We created narrative and audio to accompany the open web comic, Pepper and Carrot.

Pepper and carrot screenshot

We're looking forward to another year packed with progress growing WordSwing's Chinese practice activities and tools. Thanks for your support and if you're not an early backer yet, we hope you will consider joining the many students who have chosen to support our efforts.


Kevin & Olle

PS: Below is Olle's latest video playing and discussing our most recent text adventure game, The Magistrate's Gallery. If you're not familiar with our text adventure games, this is a great way to get started.