We have been experimenting with some of the latest and greatest in machine learning algorithms so that your practice material is most appropriate for your knowledge and ability.

Unfortunately, many of these efforts have fallen flat on their face. Our new personalization scheme is a bit more patient.

We're still a small operation and thus the data we have collected has been a bit too limited for some of these algorithms, such as neural nets, to perform well. In response, we have revamped how study material is proposed, settling on a solution that has much better performance for new students, for whom we have collected little data.

Our new personalization scheme is a bit more patient, waiting until we have a better grasp of your knowledge before heavily personalizing the material to the map we build of your knowledge. This should reduce the rather erratic behavior that sometimes was observed with our old personalization system.

At present three activities use the new personalization scheme:

  1. Character Combination
  2. Character Similarity
  3. Recall Pronunciation

Tuning to the difficulty you want

In order to compensate for less initial automatic tailoring, we have implemented a new dial which allows you to make the practice content easier or harder, depending on your current study mood:

Difficulty dial screehsnot

The return of Recall Pronunciation

If you've been around WordSwing for a while, you'll remember a very simple activity, Recall Pronunciation, that mysteriously vanished when we redesigned WordSwing to be mobile friendly. Well, it's back!

Recall pronunciation screehsnot

It's a simple way to drill your memory for pronunciation. It features auto-suggest for pinyin entry and accepts spoken pronunciation including tone sandhi changes as well as standard dictionary pronunciation.

Thanks for you patience! And if you haven't checked out WordSwing in a while, please do! And don't forget to let me know what you think.